What A Great Course!

"My goodness! What a great course! It was short, concise and full of every bit of information one would need to start raising ducks correctly and successfully! I love that you included so much information with no fluff. There were great images and cute videos which will absolutely help the beginner."

~ Annie

Raising Ducks

Step By Step

Bringing home your first ducklings can be a bit intimidating

You want to start your first ducklings out on the right foot, but you are not sure what they need. Raising Ducks - Step by Step is designed to do just that.

This course will give you the confidence and guide you step-by-step through knowing what supplies you need, setting it all up, and caring for your new web-footed friends from day old to laying their first eggs.

The course includes 9 units with 24 lessons and 3 bonuses:

Bonus 1: Choosing The Best Duck Breed
Bonus 2: Duck Brooder Temperature Chart
Bonus 3: Easy To Peel Boiled Eggs                  

This course will set you up for success!

" I have entertained the idea of having ducks on my homestead and my knowledge was severely limited.  After taking Mary's course, I learned everything I need to know to get started!  I appreciated her candidness in that ducks can be messy, are not the right fit for everyone, and have a lengthy life expectancy. I feel this information will weed out the part-time duck enthusiasts. 

The bonuses at the end of the course were a pleasant surprise, and my favorite were the duck egg recipes.  A plus is that Mary is available by email to celebrate your completion of the course and for additional feedback.  Ducks are glorious creatures and I can't wait to get started with my own flock!"

~Pamela Williams (future duck flock mama!)

Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Mary - And Backyard Homesteading has changed my life!

I've been gardening most of my life, but when I got my first ducklings, the adventure really began.

Several years ago, my daughter got a call from a friend asking her to take some orphaned ducklings whose mother had been hit by a car.

So, I got THE call. “Mom, can I keep them?” Yes, she actually said that! That's what started this journey of raising ducks.

I had a lot to learn. We had no idea how to take care of them and I had to do a lot of research fast. Some of the information I got was good and some of it wasn't.

After 10 years of keeping ducks. I can help you take the guesswork out of starting your own flock of ducks.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Before we begin...

    • Welcome!

  • 2

    Are Ducks Right For You

    • Step 1 – Decide If Ducks Are Right For You.

    • Step 2 - Check To See If Keeping Ducks Is Legal.

    • Step 3 - Be A Good Neighbor.

  • 3

    Which Duck Is The Right Duck?

    • Step 4 – Choose A Breed.

    • Step 5 – Choose How Many Ducks To Get.

    • Step 6 – Do You Want Females, Males Or Both?

  • 4

    What Equipment Do You Need?

    • Step 7 – Get A Brooder.

    • Step 8 - Where To Put Your Brooder.

    • Step 9 - Do You Need A Heater?

    • Step 10 - What Else Does A Brooder Need?

  • 5

    Once You Get Your Ducklings.

    • Step 11 - How To Introduce Your Ducklings To The Brooder.

    • Step 12 - How To Provide Swim Time.

    • Ducklings First Swim.

  • 6

    Building A Duck Coop.

    • Step 13 - What Does A Coop Need?

    • Step 14 - What Kind Of Coop Is Best For You?

    • Step 15 - Add A Run To Your Coop.

    • Step 16 - Get The Best Feeders And Waterers.

    • Step 17 - What To Feed Ducks.

  • 7

    Introducing Your Ducklings To The Coop.

    • Step 18 - Transitioning Baby Ducks To Their Coop.

    • Step 19 - Introducing Your Ducklings Into An Existing Flock.

    • Step 20 - Set Up The Duck Pond.

    • Duck Taking A Bath.

    • Step 21 - Make Nesting Boxes.

  • 8

    Maintain Your Ducks.

    • Step 22 - Handling And Getting Ducks To Like You.

    • Step 23 – Good Coop Management.

    • Step 24 – Put Together A First Aid Kit

    • It's Time To Get Your Ducklings!

  • 9

    Introduce Your Ducklings

    • Bonus 1 - Best Duck Breeds

    • Bonus 2 - Duck Brooder Temperature Chart.

    • Bonus 3 - Easy To Peel Hard Boiled Eggs.

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

    • Congratulations & Next Steps

You’ll make a homesteader out of me yet!

“As a city girl moved to the country, I knew nothing about raising anything but cats or dogs. I thought it would be great to have fresh eggs from chickens, but ended up rescuing an orphaned duckling! Thus began my journey into homesteading… Ducks are great for any farm or homestead but so profoundly different than chickens. This course covers those differences in housing, feeding, breeding.

Good news, the bonus material taught me how to pickle eggs! Another bonus provides information on duck breeds in case you’d rather raise meat birds.

Thank you Mary and lifeisjustducky.com!”

~ Michele


  • Is the course suitable for beginners?

    Yes! The course is designed to help you get started with your first ducks. The course guides you through deciding if raising ducks is right for you. And then what you need to get ready to bring home your ducklings.

  • Will I receive any one-on-one coaching or support?

    While the course DOES NOT include one-on-one coaching, as a Raising Ducks - Step By Steps student you will be able to email me, share successes, and ask questions. I check it several times a week to answer support on all aspects of the course: In addition, my weekly email shares additional tips and strategies on all things backyard homesteading.

  • Can I take the course on my mobile device?

    Yes, the course is fully optimized for mobile devices, so you can access it on your phone or tablet. This makes it easy to learn and implement the strategies even when you're on the go.

  • How long will it take me to complete this course?

    I have designed this course so you can get results FAST. How long it will take will depend on how much you prioritize this course, how fast you work, and how much time you are willing to give it per day. But if you were to make this course your top priority and do nothing but this course, you may be able to complete it in as little as 1 day. (Building projects excluded)

I really enjoyed this course.

"I learned more than I thought I would. I really found the comparison to raising chickens so helpful.

It's easy to think that if you've raised chickens, duckies are going to be easy. I did not know that the feed was so different between the two flocks. I also didn't realize that they needed the niacin.

I wish I had been able to take this course before I started with ducks this past spring. I definitely would have done a few things differently."

~Stacia Miller

**No guarantees disclaimer** There are obviously no guarantees in raising animals… I personally have used these methods that I share in Raising Ducks - Step By Step. However, there are many factors including the type of housing and the effort you put into it, and a thousand other variables. I, therefore, cannot – and do not – promise you any specific level of success resulting from following the steps in this course.