My Garden Journal

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My Garden Journal is a 51 page downloadable in a .pdf format.

It is designed to help you take your garden to the next level. From planning your garden to scheduling the whole growing year. And keeping track of it all.

Keeping a vegetable gardening journal will help you find what works best in your garden so you can find gardening success!

Don't buy this if...You are taking my "Beginning Gardening Course" This Garden Journal is included with the Beginning Gardening Course at no additional charge.

Gardener / Suburban Homesteader / Recipe Wrangler

Mary St. Dennis

I believe everyone can learn to grow at least part of their own food.I have lived and gardened in SW Florida most of my life, where, with all the bugs, humidity and plant diseases, gardening should be an Olympic sport.Many would love to have a garden too but they don’t know where to start. My goal is to teach you better ways to grow your own food organically, and to give you the confidence to take the plunge.

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